Hereford Bypass

Hereford will see major investment in new infrastructure
to support growth. The Hereford Bypass will facilitate new
homes and new jobs.

Hereford Bypass

The ‘Southern Link Road’ marks the beginning of a proposed Hereford Bypass for the county. Herefordshire residents are spread across a wide, often remote, geographic area and many rely on travelling by car, however the majority of traffic in Hereford city centre is from short-distance journeys within the city.

The Southern Link Road, as part of a wider bypass project, will help reduce congestion in the city centre and improve access to industrial developments like Skylon Park Enterprise Zone. This will reduce the need for through-traffic and freight to travel through Hereford city centre. Reduced traffic will improve the level of air pollution and lower the level of traffic noise around the city. There will also be improved cycling and walking routes to offer healthier alternatives for travel within Hereford city centre.

The bypass, once completed will enable the development of 6,000 homes and help to create 6,000 new jobs.

The Southern Link Road forms part of the South Wye Transport Package along with a range of active travel measures in the South Wye area. Funding of £27m for the South Wye Transport Package has been secured from the Growth Deal fund with £8m from the local authority.

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