Hereford City Improvements

The city centre is changing, with the refurbishment of High Town,
Commercial Road and Blueschool Street, better pedestrian and
cycle access and a vibrant shopping and leisure offer.

Transport hub and refurbishment of Commercial Road, Newmarket and Blueschool Streets

Arriving in Hereford by bus or train, you are likely to walk from the station along Blueschool Street, Commercial Road and Newmarket Street. The refurbishment of these areas will make the walk or cycle into Hereford city centre more pleasurable, helping people lead healthier and more active lives. It will also be easier for visitors and residents to use buses and trains at a new ‘transport hub.’

The refurbishment of Blueschool Street, Commercial Road and Newmarket Street will provide an environment similar to that of the Old Market development. It will create a more attractive area for residents of the urban village, which is the housing project planned for the Merton Meadow site and for all those using Hereford city centre.

The transport hub will be built as part of the ‘Hereford city centre transport package’ with funding secured from the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership.

High Town Refurbishment

The ‘High Town Refurbishment’ will create a consistent look and feel to help improve the city centre, which will attract shoppers, traders and businesses in to Hereford city. The Old Market development has improved the shopping and leisure experience in Hereford and has brought more people to Hereford city centre since it opened in May 2014.

The refurbishment of Widemarsh Street in 2010 created a popular and attractive link between the old and new parts of the city and the High Town refurbishment will extend this area. The revamped Butter Market will provide a diverse space with a variety of businesses alongside retailers.

The High Town Refurbishment will be funded through the Herefordshire Council Local Transport Plan capital budget.

City Link Road

The City Link Road will help relieve some of the traffic from the centre of Hereford, particularly on Commercial Road and Blueschool Street. It will also make it easier and more enjoyable to walk around Hereford city.

The recent development of the Old Market leisure complex has been extremely successful and the City Link Road will allow land in the Edgar Street Grid area of Hereford to be further developed as an ‘urban village’. This urban village will help address the county’s housing needs and help make Herefordshire a more attractive place to live, work and visit. Around a third of the development will be affordable housing to help attract younger people to Hereford city.

The road will be built as part of the ‘Hereford city centre transport package’ with funding secured from the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership.

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